Training Workshop Service

Training Workshop Service

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Ensure A Smooth Rollout

Our expert consultants can provide hands on tailored training solutions for your most important business initiative rollouts. Our training workshops and seminars ensure a smooth rollout of your new system for your staff.

Training sessions can be for individual employees, teams, or large groups. Give your team the confidence to use their new software, workflow, and system knowing how to use it, how it will impact their day, and feeling ready to use it correctly. This will ensure less problems in the future, more key stakeholders are on board, and continued use of your new workflows / systems.

Training packages starting at $1,000 (Transportation, meals, and lodging fees not included)


-> Provide your team with hands on training, answer their questions, and ensure a smooth rollout of your new processes with our hands-on training options available from the comfort of your home or office.

Increase Efficiency, are you over using antiquated systems, old software, or the inability to trust your reports as no one has been entering the data in your systems correctly? Are you about to rollout a new feature, software solution, or reporting capability, but need some hands holding, training for your staff, or a quarterback to help ensure a smooth rollout. Well we can help.

Our virtual workshops offer the benefits of a live class without the time and expense of travel. Your team can learn, ask questions, and get more confident using your new system, process, or software with the help of our expert trainers.

What you get at a workshop: Hands-on practice, Assistance and advice from experts, Tips and strategies to improve your unique workflow / situation, and Step-by-step workbooks, cheat sheets, etc. to help you remember and apply what you learn.  Training also ensures increased retention, employee engagement, and confidence.


Roll out systems confidently: Meet with our consultants to discuss your workshop needs, fears, areas to focus on, and the customized workflows that you plan to use your new system, process, or software, and we will prepare materials, schedule time for the training, and meet with you, your team, or the group to train them and answer their questions.

Hire a quarterback: We know rollouts — whether you are rolling out a new electronic health record system, new process, system, initiative, tracking/reporting module, etc. it is essential to have key stakeholder buy in and ensure all staff are trained correctly, feel confident, and have the skills to be able to use the system, and confront obstacles to using it based on their unique workflows.

New software and workflows are important: We know that change is hard, scary, and time consuming. But we know that when rolled out correctly, these can ensure increased capabilities of your reporting, efficiency, strategic goals, business success, and organizational health.

Rollouts can be stressful: You may have a deadline to get a new process, software, or system rolled out. You may only have a short amount of time available for training, limited vendor support, or alot riding on the changes success. Your team need to feel confident using the new system or they wont use it, or wont use it effectively. To combat this, training is key to your rollouts success.

We can help: Our experts have the expertise and experience needed to ensure your team is trained correctly, feel confident, and ready to follow the new workflow, software, or system. We can customize trainings for your unique workflows, and develop and implement training rollouts for individuals, groups, and teams to ensure a smooth rollout. Whether you need new staff onboarded, rollout a new initiative, or ensure consistent training is provided to all of your staff throughout the organization.


Popular Workshop Topics:

  • NextGen EHR
  • E-Clinical EHR
  • Practice Fusion EHR 
  • GE Centricity
  • Greenway Intergy
  • AthenaHealth
  • Patient population health tools
  • Azara
  • I2I Reporting
  • Dentrix EHR
  • Dentrix Collections Manager
  • Dexis Imaging
  • Eaglesoft EHR
  • ICD 10
  • Coding Correctly
  • Billing
  • Rolling out Telehealth or Telemedicine
  • Demographics Documentation
  • Documenting PCMH required items
  • Software rollouts
  • New process implementations