Residential Service Agency Application Assistance

Residential Service Agency Application Assistance

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Get help in submitting your RSA application

Our team will walk you through submitting your Residential Service Agency application.

Knowing the right documents to submit, which applications to submit, and ensuring they are filled out correctly is one of our specialties. It can feel quite daunting to have to fill out these applications alone. Hire us today to help you fill these out and review it for accuracy. Please note that we have no power to approve these, so the approval or denial is out of our control. But you can be sure that we will do our best to help you ensure you are putting your best foot forward. Also note 3rd party fees such as submission fees and notary fees are not included. Additionally policies and procedures creation is a separate service not included in this fee.


-> Assisting you in filling out the proper paperwork, answering pertinent questions regarding the application, and reviewing it prior to submission.

Dont go for this alone. Get help in the RSA application process, We can review your application, assist in filling it out, and provide recommendations and assist you in reminding you of important timelines related to your Residential Service Agency application.


States have different requirements, applications, etc. But here are some example applications, information, and requirement examples for Maryland:


If you want to open a Residential Service Agency (RSA) non home health organization Here is an example of the application:


Here is an example of the Maryland application to become a licensed Residential Services Agency: 


To be approved you will also need various miscellaneous items not included in this fee. However we are happy to create these for you at additional expense. For example it requires:

1. An organizational chart that includes all positions with the name of the person in that position.
2. Policies and procedures as required by COMAR10.07.05.
3. A business plan as required by COMAR10.07.05.
4. A sample personnel file.
5. Sample patient files for adult and pediatric patients (if applicable).


Please note this is not for the Home Health Agency. Here is the difference between the two -


RSA still can have different levels of capability, but just gets paid by Medicaid vs also Medicare: The levels include:

1. Level One: RN supervision of Aides without medication management,

2. Level Two: RN supervision of Aides with medication management, or

3. Level Three: Complex care provided by RN, LPN, and RN supervision of Aides (e.g. Wound Care, Tube Feeding, Trach Care, Vent Management, Intravenous or Related Therapies, etc.).


Here are some helpful resources, FAQ's and slides regarding opening an RSA: 



"Q. How do I receive a RSA license for skilled nurses and aides?

A. In accordance with the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 10.07.05, the following must be received by our office before a license can be issued: • The completed application and a check or money order for the required fees based on the program type. The application can be downloaded from the following website: .

Please note - Application fees are non-refundable.

• A list of licensed personnel (if applicable). Identify licensed supervisory personnel. Be sure to include license verification.

• A list of non-licensed personnel (identify positions held).

• Policies and procedures and sample files as required by COMAR 10.07.05.

• Business plan.

• Registration with MDAT.

• Proof of workers’ compensation. Staff will review the information provided. When you have received the written approval, have implemented the above policies and procedures and marketed for the required 3-5 clients as well as for personnel, you must then submit the following:

• The signed Statement of Readiness;

• A copy of the signed contract between your company and the Registered Nurse that you have hired;

• A list of personnel with positions held;

• Licensure/certification verification for all licensed/certified personnel:

• A completed organizational chart.

Once this is received and reviewed a 90-day Provisional License will be issued. You must at that time admit 3-5 patients who will receive skilled nursing or aide services. You must admit the patients within 45 days. An on-site survey will be conducted by the OHCQ nurse surveyor once you have admitted 3-5 patients, on or after the 45th day.

Q. How long is the application review process for an RSA?

A. Please be advised that due to the volume of RSA applications, the application review period may be up to 6 MONTHS and there will be a 90-day Provisional Licensure period and an on-site survey for agencies applying to provide services other than Durable Medical Equipment. Additionally, due to Budgetary Constraints, the issuance of Provisional Licenses to new Residential Service Agencies or current Residential Service Agencies that want to upgrade their license will be delayed up to 6 months. New Residential Service Agencies or current Residential Service Agencies that want to upgrade their license may forward their policies and procedures, application and non-refundable fee and their request, but there will be a delay of up to 9 months."



Here is some information regarding getting accredited. This is not included in this service, but we can help you with that for an additional fee if interested. To apply for Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) Which has been approved by the Secretary as an accrediting organization for Home Health Agencies (HHAs):