Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

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PPC Advertising Services

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This package is $650/month plus $700/month towards the campaign (If you would like to increase this amount let us know)


-> Google AdWords is the name for Google’s advertising platform, Facebook allows for advertising on their Instagram and Facebook platforms, etc.

We suggest using our services for a minimum of 12 months for best results. However results can sometimes be seen in as little as 3 months.

 Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services Types include: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Display Ads, & Mobile Ads.


The process of using Google AdWords is as follows

  1. Set up an account. This is obvious as you can’t use a service unless you are a member. The process is uncomplicated where you can login using your existing Google account or if you wish, create a new account specifically for AdWords. The rest is routine with the input of personal and secondary details like on any other online account. Finally, set up your billing details for Google to charge you monthly for its services.
  2. Now that the account is up and running, determine your AdWords account structure. Based on that, you get benefits. A great and well-made structure makes for an increase in relevant traffic and higher quality scores, which also translates to lower pay-per-click costs. If you are running a single Ad campaign, simple structure is enough but if you plan to run many in the future, it’s better to have something a little more elaborate. Create individual campaigns with their own Ad groups.
  3. Recognizing and biding for the correct keywords is important as these are the building blocks of any campaign. It is therefore important to choose the correct keywords for this. Bidding ensures that every Ad maker gets an equal opportunity to acquire their relevant set of keywords.
  4. Researching keywords is another important step before going on the bidding process. A number of tools are out there to help find the most effective keywords and even ideas for the brand new ones. There are many tools where you can just enter a search term and be presented with numerous keyword options. This helps you to decide in advance as to which keywords you wish to bid for.
  5. The next stage is to write gripping Ads which is challenging because of the space constraint that advertisers face. On the other hand, this is an important aspect to using AdWords as text is considered a very important component of the total process. Grammar and language used are critical factors to remember while writing an ad. Elements like humor, satire and fear are all usable while making a good ad.
  6. Finally, take some time to evaluate the structure of your AdWords account on a daily basis. Make sure that it’s logical and useful as it’s important as for a paid advertiser like you. Optimize wherever necessary and keep your AdWords account in top shape with maximum effectiveness.

AdWords is an incredibly useful platform for advertisers, and it has already made a reputation as the most used platform. The key to utilize it to the fullest is to follow the principles behind its use and to make sure that you are aware of the keyword requirement and then acquire the right ones for your campaign. Correct use of AdWords can make your campaign very successful.

Of course if you would like help in setting it up, or would like us to set it up / oversee it just click add to cart or quick checkout to get started today.