Insurance Timing of Paid Claims, and Breakdown by Payer, Review Bottlenecks, Assistance in Improving these to Improve Cash Flow

Insurance Timing of Paid Claims, and Breakdown by Payer, Review Bottlenecks, Assistance in Improving these to Improve Cash Flow

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Insurance Timing of Paid Claims, and Breakdown by Payer, Review Bottlenecks, Assistance in Improving these to Improve Cash Flow

Our finance experts help you cut costs, track progress, and plan. So you can improve efficiency and return on your investment.

Prepaid financial consultation sessions can be regarding anything you need assistance with, for one low fee. Start building relationships with financial consultants you can trust by signing up now.


Financial advice packages available for as low as $1,500!



  • Improve cash flow
  • Optimize revenue cycle management
  • Identify potential areas for improvement
  • Reduce denials and rejections
  • Improve overall financial performance



  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the revenue cycle management process
  • Analyze insurance timing of paid claims and breakdown by payer
  • Identify potential bottlenecks in the revenue cycle process
  • Develop customized strategies to improve revenue cycle management
  • Provide expert advice and guidance on financial decision-making
  • Provide ongoing monitoring and analysis of financial performance
  • Implement and optimize revenue cycle management systems and processes

Outcomes for healthcare clinics:

  • Improved cash flow
  • More effective and efficient revenue cycle management
  • Reduced denials and rejections
  • More accurate and timely financial reporting
  • More informed and effective financial decision-making
  • Improved overall financial performance.

Together we will create Plans + Reports + KPI's + Dashboard items to track + Budgets, etc.


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How the advisory plan provides value?


Business finance consultants aren't just for emergencies. Good financial advice helps you make informed decisions about a variety of business matters. Expert financial advice can help you achieve your business goals, while saving you time and money. Our business finance consultants can help you make informed financial decisions about:

- Financial advice, Audit help, Bookkeeping, Planning issues, Cash Flow Concerns, Bootstrapping vs venture capital, Productivity tracking, Advertising Spending, Accounting Practices, Budgeting / Unnecessary Expenditure, etc.

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Financial Optimization Areas We Specialize In:


  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Review & Outsourcing
  • Tax Advice And Optimization Assistance
  • Accounts Payable And Accounts Receivable Management, Tracking, Reporting, And Review
  • AR Time Tracking, Follow Up Analysis, And Discussion
  • Bookkeeping Assistance, Reconciliation, Planning, And Review
  • Coding And Billing Consulting, Review, Optimization Strategies, etc.
  • Days In A/R By Payer, Optimization Strategies, etc.
  • Coding Optimization Planning, Denial Management And Appeals Process Optimization To Minimize Billing Errors, Increase Your Reimbursements And Speed Up Your Collections
  • Medicare & Medicaid Reimbursement Appeals Assistance
  • Payroll Services Setup Assistance & Compliance
  • Preparation Of Monthly, Quarterly And Annually Compiled Financial Statements
  • Proper Coding Education For Your Office Staff To Increased Revenue And Increase Operations  Efficiency, Rather Than Costly Refiling Efforts, Denials, And Longer Waits For Reimbursement
  • Quickbooks Setup, Training, Support, Reconciliation, & Reporting
  • Transaction Recording, General Ledger, And Related Journals Setup, Assistance, And Outsourcing Assistance
  • Open Claims Monitoring And Improvement
  • Insurance Timing Of Paid Claims, And Breakdown By Payer, Review Bottlenecks, Assistance In Improving These To Improve Cash Flow
  • Claim Volume By Payer, Time In AR, By Provider, etc.
  • Front Desk Success Rate In Copay Collection
  • Demographic Issue Report Review, Discussion On How to Improve