HIPAA Compliance Module

HIPAA Compliance Module

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HIPAA Training Compliance Solution

Our HIPAA training compliance modules will get you Practice Staff, Management, Safety, Privacy, and Security Officers knowledgeable and compliant with HIPAA.

Our HIPAA training modules provide your team with a thorough understanding of how to maintain HIPAA. 

Unlike our competitors, getting access to the module provides you with a complete copy of the module to be able to use as you please, for as many team members as needed within your organization. We make your compliance job easier, saving you time creating modules. As well as saving money on paying for each user/use of the module.

Use the training module for your management, officers, or to use for your onboarding process. Document training for your team, and ensure they are familiar with tests, and reminders from time to time.

Module Topics

  • Introductory HIPAA Training
  • Understanding of HIPAA
  • Privacy and Security Officer responsibilities
  • Privacy and security Safeguards
  • Advanced HIPAA Training
  • COVID-19 HIPAA guidelines
  • Example workplace situations
  • + BONUS handouts, Quiz, & Sign in sheets to document employee training.

Make sure to:

-Document training your staff using the Bonus sign in sheets.

-Assign a privacy officer,

-And create an active compliance program for your organization to maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations.

-If you need additional help, guidance, support, or tools feel free to reach out to us.