Cost to Start Your Business Analysis, Suggestions, Planning, and Ongoing Support Mentoring Assistance

Cost to Start Your Business Analysis, Suggestions, Planning, and Ongoing Support Mentoring Assistance

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Cost to Start Your Business Analysis, Suggestions, Planning, and Ongoing Support Mentoring Assistance

Our retirement experts help you plan for your exit, ensuring smooth transition, compliance, and financial optimization. So you can exit gracefully.

Prepaid financial/ retirement consultation sessions can be regarding anything you need assistance with, for one low fee. Start building relationships with financial / retirement consultants you can trust by signing up now.


Financial advice packages available for as low as $1,500!



  • Minimize costs and expenses when starting a business
  • Ensure effective financial planning and management
  • Optimize resource allocation and utilization
  • Make informed financial decisions based on data
  • Enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness



  • Analyze business startup costs and performance metrics
  • Evaluate and assess financial risks and exposures
  • Develop recommendations for cost reduction and optimization
  • Provide training and support for financial planning and management techniques and tools
  • Offer guidance and support for compliance with financial regulations and laws

Outcomes for healthcare clinics:

  • Minimized costs and expenses when starting a business
  • Effective financial planning and management
  • Optimized resource allocation and utilization
  • Informed financial decision-making based on data
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • More efficient and effective financial management processes.

Together we will create Plans + Reports + KPI's + Dashboard items to track + Budgets, etc.


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How the advisory plan provides value?


Our consultants provide personalized wealth management advice and consultation to assist you with your unique financial planning goals and needs. Let's discuss your risk tolerance, investment goals, business plans, and your exit strategy. Our business finance consultants can also help you make informed financial decisions about:

- Financial advice, Audit help, Bookkeeping, Planning issues, Cash Flow Concerns, Bootstrapping vs venture capital, Productivity tracking, Advertising Spending, Accounting Practices, Budgeting / Unnecessary Expenditure, etc.

Reach Out Now For Retirement and Financial Planning Advice.


Wealth Management & Retirement Areas We Specialize In:


  • Wealth Preservation: Accumulating & Preserving Your Assets – Moving You Towards Your Financial Independence & Retirement Goals
  • Wealth Protection: Protecting You From Risks, Such As Personal Hazards And Litigation
  • Wealth Transfer: Estate Planning – Distributing Assets And Controlling Possible Taxes Discussion
  • Accounting Advisory Services, Assurance, Outsourcing Solutions, Software Selection, Audits, etc.
  • Alignment Of Costs With Business Strategy
  • Alternative Risk Financing Review
  • Strategic Planning To Provide For Profitable And Long-Term Growth
  • Asset & Liability Management Consulting
  • Protecting Assets In Case You Are Sued
  • Assistance In Completing And Filing Of Your Non-Profit Status Application
  • Avoiding Denials In Billing Submissions Discussion, Review, And Strategic Guidance
  • Balance Sheet Review And Planning
  • Bank Financing Assistance, Strategy, And Planning
  • Billing Company Selection, Auditing, And Review
  • Bonus Calculation, Setup, And Tracking Efficiency Outcomes
  • Bookkeeping Support, Setup Assistance, And Outsourcing Solutions
  • Boosting Overall Profitability Discussion, Suggestions, And Business Profitability Review
  • Budget Planning, Financial Analysis, Forecasting, And Cash Flow Analysis
  • Business Analysis, Investment Strategy Discussion, Investment Model, Performance Objectives & Advice To Hit Goals While Minimizing Risk
  • 401K Setup, 403B Setup & General Retirement Planning Advice
  • Financial Review Of Your Organization
  • Capitation Assistance And Strategies
  • Cash Flow Management Practices Optimization
  • Cash Flow Forecasting, Profit & Loss Variance Analysis, Balance Sheet Reconciliations
  • Quickbooks Consulting, Setup, Review, Reconciliation, And Advice
  • Compensation Analysis, Bonus Plans, And New Hire Consulting
  • Compensation Modeling, Plans, And Benchmarking
  • Contract Negotiations Assistance
  • Contract Review And Optimization
  • Cost To Profit Assistance
  • Cost To Start Your Business Analysis, Suggestions, Planning, And Ongoing Support Mentoring Assistance
  • Crisis Management, Review, And Consultations
  • Custom Financial Reports, Discussions, KPI Review, And Analysis
  • Daily, Weekly And Monthly Reports And Inquiries Options
  • Development Of Central Billing Office
  • Disaster Planning And Risk Management
  • Disruption Management, Prevention, And Planning
  • Due Diligence Assistance And Review
  • Financial Education, Discussion, And Advice
  • Equity Incentive Plans, Including Stock Option, Restricted Stock, LLC Interests, Partnership, etc.
  • Expense Reduction Projects - LEAN Concept implementation and review
  • Fee Schedule Development, Advice, and Optimization
  • Financial Analysis, Forecasting, Projections, Modeling, Planning, Reporting, Management, Advisory Services, And Strategy Consulting Assistance.
  • Finding Investors, How To Go About It, Creating Decks etc.
  • Focused Financial Strategy For Profitability And Business Review
  • Freshbooks & Quickbooks Setup, Review, And Reporting
  • General Ledger, Cash Receipts, Inventory, Payroll And Treasury - Financial Management Support
  • Grant Funding, Grant Writing, Advice, Outsourcing, And Needs Analysis Reporting
  • Outsourcing Your Daily, Monthly Or Annual Accounting Functions, Reviewing Accuracy, Trends Discussion, etc.
  • Compliance And Regulatory Requirements Review
  • Suggestions To Improve Revenue Cycle Management Process
  • Financial Decision Impact Review Analysis And Discussions
  • Short-Term And Long-Term Benefits Financial Maximization Discussion And Planning
  • Plan Development To Increase Revenue And Lower Costs
  • Comprehensive Review Of Your Financial Plan, Education On The Areas You Are Doing Well And Areas That Could Use Improvement
  • Increase Productivity & Profitability & Expense Reduction
  • Initial Start-Up Documentation, Including Incorporation, Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN), And Payroll Setup With Federal And State Agencies
  • Insurance Defense, Evaluations And Benchmarking
  • Job Costing
  • Loan Amortization Schedules Review
  • Logistics Advice
  • Workers Management And Setup Including Payroll, Bonuses, etc.
  • Margin Analysis & Percentage
  • Maximize Your Advertising Budget, Optimization, And Discussion
  • Maximize Your Reimbursements, Timing, etc.
  • Medical Billing Analysis, Advice, And Tracking
  • Monthly Financial Record Keeping Review Of Profit And Loss Statement, Current Month, Quarterly, And Year-To-Date Figures
  • Historical Financial Comparisons And Suggestions To Improve Them
  • Operational And Financial Process Evaluation And Optimization
  • Benchmarking Of Your Business With Industry Averages And Suggestions To Increase The Value Of Your Business By Identifying Revenue And Expense Targets
  • Overhead Analysis And Optimization Discussion
  • Payer Based Revenue Cycle Management Review And Discussion
  • Payroll Administration, Reporting, And Setup
  • Personal Financial Planning And Asset Protection
  • Financial Challenges Assistance Advice
  • Portfolio Management
  • Practice Assesment, Management & Consulting Support
  • Preparation Of Annual Budgets Assistance
  • Pricing Review, Advice, And Optimization
  • Process Improvement
  • Procurement Support, Logistics, And Outsourcing Solutions
  • Profitability Analysis, Breakdown By Payor, And Advice
  • Provide Solutions For Cash Flow Issues
  • Virtual Accounting And Bookkeeping Services Solutions
  • Provider Compensation Plan Analysis, Suggestions, And New Provider Package Bookmarking
  • Quarterly Planning, Review, And Optimization
  • Quickbooks Setup, Maintenance, Reconciliation, etc.
  • Operations Management - Report On Margins By Product And Division
  • Revenue Cycle Management, Gap Analysis, And Advisory Services 
  • Risk Analysis
  • Sounding Board For Financial Planning
  • Speed Up Claims Turnaround, Efficient Filing With Insurance Companies, Proper Coding For Services, And Improvement Of Delays in Reimbursement And Refiling Costs
  • Technology Solutions Review, Discussion, Advice, And Suggestions
  • Time To Profit Reporting And Suggestions
  • Tracking Costs Back To Underlying Activities, Optimization, Cost Cutting, And Operations Management Efficiency Enhancement Suggestions