Analyzing your Website Traffic and Users' Engagement Metrics

Analyzing your Website Traffic and Users' Engagement Metrics

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Analyzing your Website Traffic and Users' Engagement Metrics

Our expert consultants set your business up for success,  so you can implement your passion on solid ground.

Business consultation sessions can be regarding any infrastructure area you need assistance with, for one low fee.


Infrastructure packages starting at $1,500


  • To better understand their website's audience and their behavior
  • To optimize website design and user experience
  • To improve website traffic and user engagement
  • To identify areas for improvement and to make data-driven decisions
  • To increase revenue and profitability



  • Conduct a website audit to identify areas for improvement
  • Install and configure website analytics tools to track website traffic and user engagement metrics
  • Collect and analyze data to determine user behavior and preferences
  • Develop a plan to optimize website design and user experience
  • Continuously monitor and track website traffic and user engagement metrics to make data-driven decisions

Outcomes for healthcare clinics:

  • Better understanding of the website's audience and their behavior
  • Improved website traffic and user engagement through targeted website design and user experience
  • More effective use of website resources and budget
  • Increased patient acquisition and retention through website optimization
  • More efficient use of resources and budget.


Together we will create Vendor comparisons + Reports + Solutions + Rollout tracking GANTT charts + Policies and procedure + Plans etc.


Setup, Optimize, and Implement: Meet with our consultants to create a plan to setup, optimize, or implement your technology systems. We can help you plan, coordinate, rollout, and ensure optimal onboarding and usage of your technology solutions. Whether coordinating with vendors, key stakeholders, ensuring optimal usage, or providing training, we can help your organization ensure optimal return on investment for its systems and technology purchasing.

  • We can assist you in creating the following types of plans: Rollout plans, GANTT charts, assessments of readiness, feasibility studies, planning of how to roll out optimally, GAP Analysis, review of outcomes and if it is actually cheaper, being used correctly, and suggestions for next steps, etc.

Together we will create Plans + Reports + KPI's + Trainings + Budgets, etc.


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Why to choose our infrastructure plan?

Business infrastructure consultants aren't just for emergencies. expert advisors ensure your business has a strong foundation. 

Our business consultants can help you with:
- Infrastructure setup, IT Support, Phone System strategy, Cyber Security, HR, recruiting options, finance advice, operations strategy, business formation, IT strategy, product and process design, operations, policies, manufacturing, etc.

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Business Infrastructure Optimization Areas We Specialize In:


  • Advanced Analytics
  • Analyzing your website traffic and users' engagement metrics
  • Automation
  • Benchmarking and Reporting
  • Building Custom Software
  • Business Office Systems Solutions
  • Cloud based telephone systems solutions and optimization
  • Compliance reviews
  • Coding education
  • Collecting data on consumers and competitors
  • Conducting online and in-person surveys
  • Assistance with vendors and telecommunication companies
  • Creating and publishing engaging content
  • Data Analysis
  • Design / Building Information Technology Solutions
  • Designing surveys / collecting information / reporting data
  • Roll out cybersecurity software, trainings, and pen testing.
  • Devices rollout / Software rollout assistance
  • Supply Chain assistance
  • Distributing content to social media platforms to increase website traffic, engagement, and sales/appointments
  • Electronic Healthcare Records rollout, optimization, modules rollout, moves, etc.
  • Internal Controls, auditing, and HIPAA compliance
  • Issues with websites - Removing viruses, wordpress moves, etc
  • IT Assessments and Optimizations
  • Information Technology Research and insights
  • Software Development and assistance working with software vendors
  • Software selection and implementation rollout assistance
  • Technology Integration, moving, rollout, and handholding
  • Technology consulting and management
  • Market research
  • Website Development and Maintenance
  • Website Testing and Bug removal
  • Website / Social Media / Newsletter Content Management



  • Appointment Scheduling Software Assistance / Optimization
  • Customer communication optimization via phone, email and social media platforms
  • Customer service optimization and KPI creation
  • Implementing cold calling and following up with past clients / new clients
  • Surveying customers
  • Outsourcing systems, feasibility, rollout, and comparisons
  • Software Systems Support
  • Software Systems Rollout