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Our marketing experts solve your business grow so you can focus on your passion.

Prepaid marketing consultation sessions can be regarding anything you need assistance with, for one low fee. Start building relationships with marketing consultants you can trust by signing up now.


Marketing packages available for as low as $1,500


-> Maximize your advertising spend!

Make your advertising dollars count, advertising your organization isnt about wasting money or spending tons of money without knowing how well its doing. It is about carefully planning how to reach existing or new customers, and turning few dollars of spending into many dollars of purchases, or lifetime spending higher. This is done by either ensuring top of mind in situations where they will need your products, ensuring that people are aware of your capabilities to help them, and making your services clear and available to potential customers when they are about to make purchasing decisions. We can help you ensure your advertising spending is creating engagement with your audience, translating into appointment and purchases, and creating lasting relationships with your customers.

Review your marketing spending, benchmarks and metrics, expected outcomes, funnel, and providing suggestions to optimize your marketing spending to ensure return on your advertising investments.



Grow your business: Meet with our consultants to create a growth plan to clarify your customized game plan for growing your firm. Marketing plans for your advertising, postcards, radio, video, digital, and other avenues can all potentially boost the number of engaged customers, provide opportunities for interacting with new customers, ensure top of mind, provide feedback opportunities for current customers, deal with negative feedback before it gets out of hand, as well as reach customers and ensure increased sales, and business growth.

  • We can assist you in creating the following types of plans: Advertising plan, marketing channel review, advertising package, Google business and Google Adwords set up, Facebook page and Facebook ad set up, Analytics reporting, poster design, flyer creation, email marketing setup, newsletter creation, website optimization, ongoing and monthly options available, one time options available, marketing audit and review, we can ensure you aren't spending too much or too little on your marketing efforts and that they are actually paying off.

Together we will create Plans + Strategies + Reports + KPI's + Marketing rollouts + Content + Advertising Budgets, etc.


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Select from our list of available handpicked marketing consultants, experienced in a wide range of marketing areas including strategy, segmentation, implementation, advertising, and growing businesses sustainably.


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Why choose the prepaid marketing advisory plan?

Marketing consultants aren't just for emergencies. Expert marketing strategy advice helps you make informed decisions about your marketing strategic plans. Expert business advice can help you achieve your business goals, while saving you time and money. Our business management consultants can help you make informed decisions about:

- Marketing help, business marketing strategy, market segmentation, SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, analytics advice, business startup advice, business optimization, marketing campaign advice, market analysis, sales strategies, generating traffic / leads, ensuring / tracking ROI of your marketing activities, choosing th right amount for your marketing budget / mix, managing your website, identifying the right technologies for your marketing needs, help explaining your product or service, pricing, GDPR, innovation, and personalized marketing.

Our Marketing Experts Can Help You Grow.


Marketing Optimization Areas We Specialize In:


  • Advertisements Design and Placement
  • Advertising plan - Marketing Analysis
  • Advertising strategy
  • Advertising: online (Facebook/social media)
  • Brand/Reputation Management
  • Branding
  • Brochure, Business Cards, Letterhead, and Envelope Design
  • Can also offer service for for office decors, restaurants, events, home
  • Deals
  • Decorating Service Review 7 - Branding / Marketing
  • Design
  • Digital marketing - Marketing
  • Email marketing (send emails to potential clients)
  • Find the best pricing to buy or lease medical equipment.
  • Full-service marketing and mailing lists services that complement your existing efforts
  • Graphics, logo, website, social media, advertising, banners - Branding / Marketing
  • Helping you design success!
  • Lead generation - Marketing
  • List of target companies/potential customers
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Marketing plan - Marketing Analysis
  • Media Servicess
  • Mobile app
  • Ongoing marketing applications that put your data to work for your company
  • Practice Purchases
  • Products & Services
  • Social Impact
  • Social Media Management
  • specific to digital/internet marketing/SEO
  • Strategic Planning for a Competitive Advantage
  • Tools: for phone calls, lead generation, etc.
  • We help our clients achieve tangible, high-impact results.
  • We provide top-rated network and content security, as well as secure access products that share intelligence and work together to form a cooperative fabric.
  • Website Development
  • Website that could offer specific skill set