Are You Wearing the Right Sports Bra?

The wrong sports bra can ruin your workout! The wrong sports bra can contribute to sagging breasts as your skin may get stretched due to high impact.


Bras vary based on needs. Bras that are for yoga don’t work the same way sports bra do as high impact workouts demand for an additional support.


While running, each step causes your breast to move upwards, downwards, side wards and also outwards (outside the bra). On an average, A cup breast moves 1.5 inches in each direction with running. D cup moves two to three inches. Sports bras minimize these movements, it cuts down the movement up to 59%!


Though it’s imperative that you should choose the best fitting sports bra, choosing the right one is not always easy!  Here are 7 tips to help you:

  1. Choose the right band and cup size:

Surveys state that 8 out of 10 women in the U.S. wear the wrong bra. It’s either they wear a bra with a larger band size or a bra with a smaller cup than needed. Seeking help from an expert fitter is the best way to go!

The band should fit snugly, not painfully.

The band carries 70% of the weight and is an important factor to consider when choosing bras.

Choose the right cup.

Qualities that you should look for while buying:

It shouldn’t dig in: Check out this bra and leggings set from our collection!

Shouldn’t bounce: When you are freezing on a bra, do a few high jumps, if it isn’t fitting well, it isn’t your cup.

Shouldn’t rub you raw: The straps should never hurt. If they do, it means the band is loose.


  1. Choose a sports bra based on the intensity of activity you are planning to engage in.

Track your activity levels with this incredible arm band.

Go for a compression style bra if you are going for small to moderate intensity workouts.

Compression bras ensure that your breasts are compressed well against your chest so that their movement is minimal.

Full coverage/encapsulation style works great on busty girls

It divides your breasts. Thus there is better air circulation. They also have under wires which offer stronger support compared to compression bras. Check out this sports bra.


  1. Opt for wider bands.

They ensure that your bra doesn’t pinch your skin.


  1. Go for a bra with rib bands.

They offer additional support.


  1. Choose a bra that comes with back clasps.

You can adjust the bands with them.


  1. Opt for a band that’s a combination of Spandex or Latex.

It provides good support and compression.


  1. Wear molded ones.

They make sure that your nipples are not visible. They also give a flattering, rounded shape.


Wearing the right bra ensures that you are comfortable and stay toned!


  • Once you start losing weight, remember to switch to a better fitting bra.
  • If you start feeling pain in your breast area, you are wearing the wrong bra.
  • Make sure you apply an anti-chafing ointment. It prevents soreness that may happen after few hours of running.
  • Wearing two bras is unthinkable; it leads to more sweat and soreness.


How long does a sports bra last?

The average sports bra lasts for three months. Remember to hand wash your bra in cold water and hang to dry. Hot water will damage Spandex. Drying your sports bra in a dryer will ruin it!