14 Benefits of Physical Activity

It’s needless to say that a sedentary lifestyle (a lack of physical activity) is your ticket to a life of costly hospital bills and expensive meds. Switching lanes and living a life of regular physical activity is your best bet to avoid this. And if you don’t believe me, here are the benefits of regular physical activity: 


  1. Prevents diseases!

Research has proven that moderate physical activities like walking for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week is a great start. It plays a massive role in preventing diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart diseases and even cancer.


  1. Boosts your mood

Research says regular physical activity can prevent depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. A recent study on exercise and happiness conducted by the University of Cambridge in the U.K. concluded that people who do even just small amounts of physical activity (like walking) have positive overall effects on mood.


  1. Improves memory

Several studies have proved that regular exercise prevents the onset of memory related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.  Alzheimer’s disease is a memory disease where the affected person can’t remember even the basic things, making it difficult for him/her to carry out day to day activities.




  1. Strengthens your bones

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin, that helps your body absorb Calcium, a chemical element that promotes healthy teeth and bones. And where else can you get vitamin D but the sun? It’s a proven fact that it’s best to take a walk before 8AM since the the rays of the sun aren’t as harmful and promotes vitamin D.


  1. Prevents back pain!

Experience back pain often? Try doing exercises more regularly; It makes you more flexible, strengthens your muscles and prevents back pain.


  1. Helps you shed pounds

You burn more calories when you are physically active. When you look good, you feel good. Check out our waist training vest which will help you feel great.


  1. Builds up your stamina!

Regular activity builds your stamina. It not only strengthens your bones, but also strengthens your muscles.


  1. Gives you a good night’s sleep!

Sleep rejuvenates you to perform well for the day and ensures that you stay healthy. A great sleep offers a bunch of other benefits like boosting mental alertness and preventing mental diseases.


  1. Delays disability

Exercise makes sure that, despite aging, your joints remain flexible; muscles, tendons and nerves are active! Exercise ensures that you have better control over your body, especially if you are old. By ensuring that your nerves function well, physical activity prevents falls in the elderly.


  1. Improves your sex life!

Exercise makes sure there’s more blood flow to all parts of your body including genitals.


  1. Boosts your lung function

When you regularly engage in physical activities, your lungs function well. The right nutrients are also essential to keep going. Our electric shaker can be very useful for this.


  1. Helps you quit smoking!

Research has proved that regular physical activity brings in marvelous improvements such as helping you quit smoking. It gives you the ability to manage your urge to smoke by helping you manage the withdrawal symptoms and stress.


  1. Helps you live longer

Diseases like diabetes can shorten a person’s life to a decade or two lesser. By fighting off such diseases and improving the function of your organs, regular exercise can extend your life.


  1. Improves your social life!

When you head for an outdoor activity you get to socialize more. Look gorgeous when you hit the gym or meet a cutie while on your morning jog with this awesome jumpsuit


Hold on, before you plunge in:

Motivated to kick start your exercise routine?  Here are two tips to help you go long.

  • Go slow

It’s important to go slow, this ensures that you don’t harm yourself; warm up a bit before starting. Track your progress with this splendid iPhone arm band


  • Talk to your doctor or physician

Check with your doctor before you decide to go in for exercises, especially if you are either elderly, pregnant, suffering from diseases, or on medications.