Why You Should Be Doing Performance Reviews

So you have a few staff members, some nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and medical assistants, and want to get your Human Resources practices more efficient. Great! One important and often overlooked area is annual performance evaluations. But don't be one of those healthcare organizations that always puts these off to last minute, as these documents can be extremely helpful for providing honest feedback, appreciation for hard work, protect the organization and more.

Performance evaluations and write ups often prove extremely helpful in situations where employees have to be let go. It can also help you bring poor performing staff back in line, with follow-up meetings, assessing improvement. These reviews can provide feedback, focused areas to work on, provide praise, reinforcement, and accountability to your team. This is often better than only doing write ups for negative behaviors. As the review allows you to notice a more balanced viewpoint, allowing you to provide positive reinforcement, and appreciation for the areas that are doing well.

However to ensure that these are useful, they must be honest, providing feedback for areas to improve. Of course this can be done tactfully. But simply providing top ratings at each review does not help your team know where they can improve, or protect you if the areas that need improvement continue lagging. However without that documentation the employee may sue for discriminatory discharge at some point in the future. Be honest about the behavior that is at issue. Additionally, it is not a scolding, but more of a tracking system. Following a negative finding, you may want to start thinking about how to improve that area, such as providing additional training, time, or assistance, so it can be remedied.

If you are finding that there are specific areas of your business that need additional direction, you may want to work on creating policies and procedures. Or providing training, shadowing, or hiring a manager to oversee that part of the office. Alternatively you may need to hire more staff, or provide additional time to ensure that business task can be done during regular business hours.

Try to use the opportunity to get feedback on areas to improve your organization. The use of performance reviews doesn't have to just be about the employee. It can also be a chance to check in and see how your employee is doing. Leverage it to keep your employee retention doing well. Ensure you are aware of your staff expectations, career path, ideas, and suggestions for improvement.

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