Mergers & Acquisitions

Great, you are merging! Now what?!

Well now that you have more patients, more referrals, you need to ensure that you have the right policies and procedures in place. You need to ensure that your accounting practices are being done correctly, and being tracked and reported on in a consistent manner. You may have more money available for marketing. A need for a different EHR. Maybe you need to remove some of the providers, and hire on new ones to ensure your new culture can thrive. But this can become a stressful, time consuming, and overwhelming ordeal if you take this on all by yourself.

You may have thought that more patients = more income = more profit. You may not want to take on all this extra work, as it takes you away from seeing your patients. Or isn't something that you feel competent or capable of. Instead of more time off and more income, it may feel like this has taken you away from your family time and patients. But don't worry, this is where we come in. We can transparently provide you the support, guidance, or even take over todo list items from your plate giving you more time for vacations, trust in the new systems and processes that we implement together, and the capability to track profitability and reporting needs.

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