Looking to Grow Your Practice?

If you are looking to grow or expand your healthcare business we can help. Often when businesses are ready to scale they already have happy patients, who already enjoy high quality care. It is imperative for you to ensure that you hold on to those patients, or you are just filling a bucket with a hole in it. As you will lose those patients, as you gain new ones, keeping the same amount of income as before, but with the loss of time and money spent growing your practice. So it is important to try your best to ensure the same high levels of quality service that existed in your practice prior to your attempts at scaling the number of patients. Particularly as it is five times harder to win new customers than keep existing ones.

Thus we suggest continuing to measure the patient satisfaction metrics, such as patient surveys, stars and reviews on yelp etc. as you go about this journey. By maintaining your focus on your value, this will not only keep existing clients, but also increase the likelihood of good word of mouth marketing which also brings in new clients.

If you do not have time to do the marketing yourself you can hire us or another organization to help you. Whether to provide direction, guidance, coaching, suggestions, strategies, or take over your marketing efforts, we can help.

Of course the change in patient size may mean additional work for you and your staff. So to maintain that high quality service you may need to automate things, create policies and procedures to streamline business functions, provide training staff huddles, or hire on more team members to handle the additional workload.

The additional investment in growth without loss of existing customers will result in additional revenue, as the volume of patient visits increase. You may even need to hire additional providers, expand your schedule to provide weekend visits to your patients, or expand your office with renovations or added locations to handle the influx of patients. If you can do all this while keeping patient satisfaction high and providing great quality care, this will be the ultimate satisfaction. We at Perfect Sweat hope to assist you in this exciting endeaver and believe in your ability to achieve these goas. Together let's get you closer to that goal, to get started click here!!