Job Hazard Analyses & Safety Observations


Job Hazard Analyses are required for all work environments where PPE is needed, such as healthcare organizations. As it should be conducted for all situations where there is a possibility of an employee potentially being injured. This helps in your compliance with OSHA Standards, and lowers your potential for being hit with a workers compensation claim, or employee missed time off work, etc.


To create an effective safety program it is essential to first be aware of the potential hazards, and start to prepare for, and track them. A first step in working on this risk reduction and compliance endeavor is to conduct a job hazard analysis. This analysis will identify potential and existing workplace / job hazards. It will allow you to determine the best way to perform the job safely. Thus allowing you to set proper policies and procedures, and train your staff in them. As well as let you start to track those aspects better. This will allow you to establish ways to reduce and hopefully eliminate identified job hazards from your workplace.

Based on the Job Hazard Analysis you can create safety observations. These are observational areas where risk exists, and once detected can allow you to create trainings and tracking programs to protect your team and organization. This is great as it is preventative in nature, and does not have to be solely based on number of workers comp cases pending, or deaths. But is more about what type of PPE to wear, what protection to provide staff or patients etc. As it is more about risky behaviors or situations. So it can protect you before a claim even occurs. As you can pinpoint areas needing attention or training prior to them becoming a risk to your organization. They also are thereby able to have corrective actions, training, gear, and policies and procedures put into place to protect your staff prior to anything going wrong.

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We also have OSHA modules, and safety programs that we can implement for your organization to ensure that your team are fully onboarded correctly, and compliant with the OSHA rules and regulations.