How A Healthcare Business Consultant Can Help Your Practice

Make More Money

A consultant will help you track your revenue, time in AR, provider productivity reports, collections, and provide you with suggestions to improve the efficiency of your practice. Whether your staff need additional training, your providers need to have coding support, or you need to hire on more providers or support staff, an objective consultant can provide you with the feedback you need to see how well your practice is currently doing, and how it can be improved.

Reduce Risk

Your staff may not have been trained in HIPAA, OSHA, or have the correct tools and policies and procedures in place yet. This can be remedied by hiring us or other consultants to provide those trainings, tools, and helping you write those policies and procedures.

Particularly when a practice is getting started it is essential to ensure compliance, have the required licenses, etc to get started correctly. Whether ensuring that your have CLIA Certifications and are ready for their visit, ensuring your team is HIPAA certified and is trained, that you have a Cyber security risk assessment to protect your infrastructure and patient information, to your documentation and coding. Additionally badly trained or untrained staff make mistakes putting you at risk and making your staff uncomfortable when facing auditors.

Answer Your Questions

Whether you have financial questions and need help running reports to understand the health of your practices finances, assistance hiring on new staff, and don't know how much to pay, what type of benefits to give, or handling complex HR queries a consultant advisor can really come in handy.

Maybe you want to pivot into a concierge practice, grow your current clinic, or even start from scratch. Doing these all alone will take a lot of time and money, and it feels better to be able to do these with the assistance of an expert, who can counsel you, provide you with tools, checklists and suggestions. - Click here to get started with us!!