Growing Your Medical Practice

Looking to increase the number of patients in your schedule? There are a number of effective methods to do this. Whether it is via internal marketing, reaching out to existing patients who have not been in for a while. Or via leveraging the internet.

Internal Marketing

You have contact information of many patients who have already experienced the high quality care you provide. Why spend tons of money trying to find new patients when you may utilize your own electronic health record, to reach out to patients due for a number of population health concerns like high a1c, annual physical, and pap smears due. This not only increases the number of appointments, but ensures that you are providing preventative services to your community.

External Marketing

There are a number of strategies to do outreach when trying to grow your practice. You can create postcards or flyers. Create or optimize your website, or improve your search ranking. Improving the search engine optimization of your website can be done by either ensuring that your website is up to date, and has the keywords within it that your patients are searching for. Or by ensuring that websites are linking to it, telling the search engines, that your website is valuable, informative, and legitimate. Search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. may be the first step in your patients finding you. So having your website, map location, video, or blog showing up may mean they are one step closer to scheduling that appointment. We can help you pay to show up on top of all the other search results, for even quicker results. This is called pay per click advertising. Which means that each time that a potential customer clicks on our advertisement you will be charged a small fee. However if they are a new customer, the lifetime spend will easily outweigh that fee, if you stay on top of tracking the efficacy of your advertisement, amount you pay per click, and the steps from that click to their appointment.

You can also advertise on the television screens in waiting rooms. As a number of organizations are now adding these advertisement and information televisions into their waiting rooms, and they can be a great way for specialists to get exposure to potential patients. Adding helpful, entertaining, or advertisement clips and paying the small fee can give you exposure to these patients.

Of course whether you are giving out flyers, paying for clicks on a search engine, or giving out business cards or postcards, potential clients will often want to visit your website. So you need to have one, and ensure that it is up to date, mobile friendly, easy to use, informative, and reputable. If you would like us to create it for you, click here to learn more. You can either allow patients to book directly from your website or have them call your practice. But if you want them to call you, make sure that your staff is answering the phone, and doing so quickly, with a positive customer service attitude. As if you are spending a lot of money to reach these potential patients, you need to ensure that these calls are converting to actual appointments.

You can also create events, support local community events, and pay for sponsorships, or listings in local newsletters, school events etc. Alternatively you can comment or share interesting things online. These social media opportunities allow you to create relationships with people in your community, and make you seem friendly, approachable, helpful, and interesting. So you can bet you will be the first one they think of when they need your services. If you dont have time to do this yourself feel free to hire us to do this for you. Just click here!!

 Lastly you can pay for advertising campaigns. Posters, billboards, videos, etc. We can help you create a plan for this, coordinate it for you, create the content etc. Just click here to learn more!!