The Business Of Healthcare

Medical, Dental, Mental Health, Pharmacy, & Fitness organizations are not just clinical or healthcare organizations, but also businesses. They require business plans, processes, logistics, compliance with various regulations, management, infrastructure, staff oversight and training to ensure their success. Healthcare organizations also work within a myriad of regulations to comply with. Constantly changing modules and software rollouts, new tools, and changing reporting requirements.

Running your healthcare organizations therefore requires you to be both a good clinician, as well as a business savvy, aware, manager, trainer, researcher, analyst, and more. However while many new clinicians feel confident, enjoy, and are on top of their clinical aspects of the job, it can often feel tedious, time consuming, and overwhelming to also need to handle the business side of things. You may find that you no longer have time to focus on the aspects of the job that used to give you so much pleasure.

As you fill out countless forms to get your team credentialed, spend countless hours posting and searching for providers, midlevel's, and staff, trying to learn the often confusing and burdensome regulations, coding changes, software vendor comparisons, reimbursement spreadsheets, you may feel confused, overwhelmed, and scared of making the wrong decisions. You may find these tasks taking over so much time, that you are no longer able to have time treating patients. Find it cutting into your time with those you love. Or just end up feeling frustrated with the amount of profit you are getting for so many hours of work in training staff, seeing patients, staying on top of new regulations, and running your healthcare business.

Are you a resident, fellow, recent MD, LCSW, who wants to open your own practice, but want to ensure it is set up for success? Do you already have a practice, but are feeling overwhelmed wearing both the clinician and business hats? We can help.

Whether you need help with a financial objective, operational concern, training need, or strategic advice assistance, we are happy to help you feel more confident, streamline your practice, get it up and running the way you dreamed it would, get the number of clients per hour that you need to stay afloat, or simply increase profits. 

Hire us today to help your healthcare business thrive.